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We believe in the power of TRUTH. Every life, family and culture needs a solid and unchanging foundation to combat the turbulence of this world. Life in Progress Ministries exists to engage minds and ignite passion for the reality of who God is and what our response to Him must be. We aim to blast away the rust of casual Christianity and lead Christians to freedom found in an active and dynamic relationship in Jesus Christ.

We strive to help believers become well-informed followers of Christ and non-believers to understand the basic truths of Christianity. We come alongside the local church to present apologetic and Bible teaching in order to re-energize folks who have grown comfortable, or sour. We will educate, encourage and equip through passionate teaching and practical next steps. Congregations must unite around the call of Jesus Christ to be flavorful and to push back the darkness with TRUTH. Churches doní»t need more programs, gimmicks or entertainers. They need members who are obsessed with the TRUTH of Godí»s word and the advancement of His kingdom. Thatí»s who we are.

It has been just under a month, and I am still whirling from all of the SHINEtasticness that took place
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While the Cookies Cool
Our sugar cookies are cooling. It’s super fun to make cut out sugar cookies with two children and a toddler.
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He is a Lying Pervert; Why America May Never Be Great Again
Ití»s a big day. We, the people, are obsessed with figuring out what to do, who to blame and how
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Why I Trust God Today
I should be working right now. I have two keynotes, a personality training, three Bible classes to teach, a radio
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4 Tips for Christian Parents with Public School Kids
Parenting is a tough job. Throw in school, homework, sports activities, PTA meetings and extracurricular clubs and life can get
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Politics, Resumes and the Third-Person Effect
Before I get into this post, I want to say sorry to people who used to read this blog. I
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Responding to Responses
Klinton will be on Periscope (@KlintonSilvey) today, 11/20, at NOON (CST) to address some of the criticisms of “What Christian
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Refuge photo essay
Something we need to see.
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